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Live album by various artists.
Disk 1
  1. Two Hundred Miles Away by Wizz Jones (with Andy Irvine)
  2. The World Turned Upside Down by Dick Gaughan
  3. Seamen Three by Andy Irvine
  4. Columbus Georgia by Derroll Adams (with Wizz Jones, Danny Thompson and Davey Arthur)
  5. Born to Live with the Blues by Werner Lämmerhirt (with Wizz Jones)
  6. The Father's Song by Dick Gaughan
  7. Yesterday's People by Finbar Furey (with Danny Thompson)
  8. Take The Children and Run by Guy Carawan (with Candie Carawan, Danny Thompson and Werner Lämmerhirt)
  9. Thousands Are Sailing to Amerikay by Andy Irvine (with Dick Gaughan)
  10. Es ist ein Schnee Gefallen by Hannes Wader (with Werner Lämmerhirt and Danny Thompson)
  11. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right by Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  12. The Green Fields of France / No Man's Land / Es ist an der Zeit by Finbar Furey (with Alex Campbell, Hannes Wader, Werner Lämmerhirt, Jörg Suckow and Lydie Slopianka-Auvray)
Disk 2
  1. Es lebt eine Gräfin in schwedischem Land by Hannes Wader
  2. Voices from the Mountains by Guy Carawan (with Candie Carawan)
  3. Bloody Sunday by John Faulkner (with Finbar Furey)
  4. Siege of a Nation by Finbar Furey (with Davey Arthur, Dick Gaughan, John Faulkner, Jörg Suckow and Lydie Slopianka-Auvray)
  5. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Alex Campbell
  6. Lassie Lie Near Me by Dick Gaughan
  7. Me and Bobby McGee by Ramblin' Jack Elliott (with Werner Lämmerhirt)
  8. The John McLean March by Alex Campbell (with Finbar Furey, Dick Gaughan and John Faulkner)
  9. Jamie Foyers by Dolores Keane (with John Faulkner)
  10. Green Grows the Laurel by Dolores Keane (with John Faulkner and Andy Irvine)
  11. The Waterford Waltz by Finbar Furey (with Dolores Keane, Andy Irvine, Dick Gaughan, Davey Arthur and John Faulkner)
  12. Planet Without Plan by Wizz Jones (with Danny Thompson)

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