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Live album by various artists.
Side A
  1. Six Days on the Road by Werner Lämmerhirt (with Jörg Suckow and Matthias Raue)
  2. Night Visit Song / Dat du min leefste büst by Finbar Furey (with Hannes Wader, Alex Campbell, Jörg Suckow and Davey Arthur)
  3. Planxty Irwin by Guy Carawan (with Werner Lämmerhirt, Finbar Furey and Davey Arthur)
  4. I'm Sad and I'm Lonely by Derroll Adams (with Wizz Jones)
  5. Lonely One by Finbar Furey (with Werner Lämmerhirt and Jörg Suckow)
  6. The Trail of Tears by Guy Carawan (with Candy Carawan and Matthias Raue)
Side B
  1. Willst du dein Herz mir schenken by Hannes Wader (with Jörg Suckow)
  2. Night Ferry by Wizz Jones (with Davey Arthur)
  3. I Remember Loving You by Guy Carawan (with Candy Carawan and Werner Lämmerhirt)
  4. Derroll in the Rain by Finbar Furey (with Alex Campbell, Davey Arthur, Jörg Suckow and Derroll Adams)
  5. Who Will Sing for Me? by Guy Carawan (with Hannes Wader, Finbar Furey, Werner Lämmerhirt and others)
Side C
  1. Walking Down the Line by Werner Lämmerhirt (with Guy Carawan and Candy Carawan)
  2. Old Molly Hare by Wizz Jones (with Guy Carawan, Finbar Furey and Davey Arthur)
  3. Brüder, seht die rote Fahne / Hold the Fort by Hannes Wader (with Guy Carawan, Jörg Suckow, Matthias Raue, Finbar Furey, Werner Lämmerhirt, Wizz Jones and Alex Campbell)
  4. One Day We'll See Them by Alex Campbell (with Finbar Furey and Davey Arthur)
  5. Regen by Werner Lämmerhirt
  6. Black Jack Davey by Derroll Adams (with Wizz Jones)
  7. They Can't Put It Back by Guy Carawan
Side D
  1. New National Seven by Wizz Jones (with Hannes Wader)
  2. Aragon Mill by Alex Campbell (with Guy Carawan, Candy Carawan and Derroll Adams)
  3. Pay Day at Coal Creek by Derroll Adams (with Hannes Wader and Davey Arthur)
  4. John of Dreams by Finbar Furey (with Jörg Suckow)
  5. Alex's Dream / Ned Walsh's Jig by Finbar Furey
  6. When the Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune for the Night by Guy Carawan (with Hannes Wader, Werner Lämmerhirt, Finbar Furey, Davey Arthur, Candy Carawan, Alex Campbell, Derroll Adams and Wizz Jones)

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