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Joy Parade

This song is by Flowing Tears and appears on the album Joy Parade (1997).

Drapeline, drapeline
... You're the sea within I flow
Hatesmile, hatesmile
... Distant waters filter through
Frontlines, frontlines
... Frowning joy parade to you
Redsky, deadsky
... You're a shelter I refuse, I hide

... A joyful surface dance...
... So unconditional ...

We walked the streets at night
Fireworks in summerrain
And how I wish the rain to fall again

A wave to flood my life
Distant seats on concrete fields
And how I wish I could not care at all

Elate the open mind
Trustfull wounds revealed to bleed
And how I wish my blood to flow away

I walk the streets at night
Leaving miles forever gone
Afraid I'll never be a child again

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