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  1. Only If for a Night
  2. Shake It Out
  3. What the Water Gave Me
  4. Never Let Me Go
  5. Breaking Down
  6. Lover to Lover
  7. No Light, No Light
  8. Seven Devils
  9. Heartlines
  10. Spectrum
  11. All This and Heaven Too
  12. Leave My Body
Deluxe Edition Disc 2
  1. Remain Nameless
  2. Strangeness & Charm
  3. Bedroom Hymns
  4. What the Water Gave Me (demo)
  5. Landscape (demo)
  6. Heartlines (acoustic)
  7. Shake It Out (acoustic)
  8. Breaking Down (acoustic)
Bonus CD on Australian Limited Edition
Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials (Australian Limited Edition)

Australian Limited Edition

  1. Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Remix)
  2. Breath of Life
  3. Take Care (BBC Live at Maida Vale/2011)
  4. Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)
  5. Dog Days Are Over (Live from Sydney)
  6. Lover to Lover (Live from Sydney)
  7. No Light, No Light (Live from Sydney)
  8. Shake It Out (Live from Sydney)
  9. Never Let Me Go (Live at Intima Theater, Stockholm)
  10. Spectrum (Live at Intiman Theater, Stockholm)

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