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Down to Earth (2014)

Flight Facilities - Down to Earth

Down to Earth

  1. Intro
  2. Two Bodies (featuring Emma Louise)
  3. Sunshine (featuring Reggie Watts)
  4. Waking Bliss
  5. Stand Still (featuring Micky Green)
  6. Apollo
  7. Clair De Lune (featuring Christine Hoberg)
  8. Hold Me Down (featuring Stee Downes)
  9. Heart Attack (featuring Owl Eyes)
  10. Merimbula
  11. Why Do You Feel (featuring Bishop Nehru)
  12. Down To Earth
  13. Crave You [Reprise] (featuring Kylie Minogue)
  14. Crave You (featuring Giselle Rosselli)

Other Songs

  1. With You

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