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Hard Feelings

This song is by Fleetwood Mac and appears on the album Behind The Mask (1990).

Fleetwood Mac - Hard Feelings

Now I'm supposed to understand
Don't you think you're asking too much
What kind of fool do you think I am
Don't you think you've hurt me enough
Still you want to be friends
But I don't want to be just friends

So before you start with your sympathy
Just turn around and go
And if he breaks your heart
Don't come crying to me
I won't be there anymore
Go ahead and cry your tears
'Cause I'm not gonna dry your tears

I've got hard feelings
When it comes to you and me
And these hard feelings just won't let me be
These hard feelings run deep
These hard feelings run deep

I'll be all right, don't you worry about me
I'll take care of myself
The first thing I need is you out of my life
The last thing I need is your help
Sorry I met you, sorry I met you
I will forget you, some day

Hard feelings
Just won't let me be
Hard feelings
Hard feelings


Written by:

Billy Brunette, Jeff Silbar

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