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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Lights Out (23:30-24:00) by Radio Yesterday
  2. Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition by The Southern Sons Quartet
  3. Hillbilly Soldier Joe by The Johnson Sisters
  4. Rockabye My Baby by Teddy Powell and His Orchestra
  5. Mr. Hitler by Lead Belly
  6. Hitler and Hell by Rev. J.M. Gates
  7. Goodbye, Dear by Dick Robertson & His Orchestra
  8. Goodbye Mama, I'm off to Yokahama by Teddy Powell and His Orchestra
  9. A Rodeo Down in Tokyo and a Round up in Old Berlin by Ozzie Waters
  10. Since He Traded His Zoot Suit (featuring The Treasury Ensemble) by Mildred Bailey
  11. Der Führer's Face by Johnny Bond
  12. Hitler's Reply to Mussolini by Tex Grande & His Range Riders
  13. Last Page of Mein Kampf by Texas Jim Robertson
  14. Yankee Doodle (featuring Walt Disney and Donald Duck) by Luis Oliveira And His Orchestra
  15. You're Driving Me Crazy by Charlie & His Orchestra
  16. Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer by Eddie Cantor
  17. Victory Garden (intro) by Unknown
  18. If It Helps Win the War by Hoosier Hot Shots
  19. I'd Like to Give My Dog to Uncle Sam by Ozzie Waters
  20. Hot Time in the Town of Berlin by Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
  21. Stalin Wasn't Stallin' by The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
  22. D-Day by Nat King Cole
  23. I've Always Wanted to Dance in Berlin by Little Jack Little
  24. Smoke on the Water by Wesley Tuttle
  25. There'll Be a Jubilee by The Andrews Sisters
  26. End of World War (intro) by Unknown
  27. My Guy's Come Back by Benny Goodman & Liza Morrow
  28. Speaks to American GI's by Marlene Dietrich
  29. Lili Marleen by Marlene Dietrich
  30. Hitler Lives by Rosalie Allen
  31. Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition by Jimmy Carroll

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