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This song is by Flame and appears on the album Captured (2010).

Remember it like it was yesterday, had to get up out my school
Cause them dudes they ran up and they lookin' for me with them tools
The principal didn't even trip, security didn't trip
So I had to secure my safety makin' me have to dip
So I hit that highway, takin' 70 to 55
Heading off to South County now, from the hood that's a long drive
Now I'm at this new school ready to study a trade
Hopin' somebody would trip, ready to bloody a face
But that's just orientation, so I'ma slow my roll
Plus I see this girl I like and hopin' I get to know
So we hit the whip again, now we head back to the hood
But I got this feeling we ain't chilling it, ain't nothing good
Then I see this truck on our side like it's 'bout to pass
But I look up and guess what? We about to crash
Next we collide, 'bout to die, I couldn't even yell,
Only thing I'm thinking is I'm about to go to hell

Jesus snatched me out death, see it was 1999
I ain't livin' for myself, I'm realizing I ain't mine
I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive
Jesus snatched me out death, see it was 1999
I ain't livin' for myself, I'm realizing I ain't mine
I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

Me and my wife just hit the road, hopped in the whip to get to Saint Lou
We didn't know what was 'bout to unfold, better tell it, everything cool
So we ridin' down the highway, right ... what's the time of the day? Night
Everything is ok, right ... plus we make time to pray, nice
Then we get to the STL, drop my wife off to get some z's
'Bout to kick it with Json and Stefan over at Kenny's
We decide to walk through the store, it's four of us so we know we cool
Then we seein' this car passin' us by, stoppin' it made a U
Json like "man them dudes is trippin"
Man you trippin', let's just proceed
On the way back from the store we smell the smoke of the potent weed
But ain't nobody out till we hear that voice tell us "lay down"
Two dudes runnin' towards us, 4's, 5's, 9's, get on the ground
Now we see them barrels wavin', life flash before our eyes
If his finger slip all 4 of us is goin' with God
All I'm thinking is Lord if this is how the story goes
I'll be fine 'cause in '99 Jesus saved my soul

Everything I did then I was trippin' off of people
I was living for my friends but my heart was really evil
I was worshiping my money, I was worshiping my shoes,
Wasn't thinking about my soul, worshiping girls in the school
I was living for myself like I was stuck in a rut
And I couldn't get up like I was cut in the gut
I was bleeding from my side and I didn't wanna fix the wound
You see I thought I was alive, I was chillin' in my tomb
I was holding on to sin like it was my baby daughter
Baby boy, I was deceived, it was leading me to the slaughter
Wasn't thinking about Jesus, wasn't thinking about the curse
Wasn't thinkin' 'bout the fall, wasn't thinking about this verse
I was thinkin' 'bout nothing but myself in those days
What it took Jesus Christ to get himself out the grave
And 2000 years later he got me out the grave
Now I'm rapping on this mic to see you out the grave

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