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Tropical Depression

This song is by Firewater and appears on the album International Orange! (2012).

Once upon a time
I was doing double nickels on the dime
Dreaming of a tropical and lazy clime
But I couldn't let go

I came, I saw, I tried
In the capital of greed and empty pride
You know I kept my nature locked so far inside
'Til I had to let go

The doctor said I had tropical depression
And the pressure's dropping now
But you know tropical depression
Never brings me down

I really couldn't take the cold, the grey
The slow execution of the days
That dragged along with every tick of the clock
That watched me die to put a check in the box

It seemed that I was always cold and low on cash
I had to make a bold decision fast
The moment I had stolen it had passed
Many moons ago

They diagnosed me with tropical depression
All the palm trees waving round
But you know tropical depression
Well it never brings me down

Storm waters washing all my worries out the door
The wind always knows which way to blow...

Maybe you're dreaming of the sun, the sand, the sin
And the see your wrinkled skin from high above
As you're descending from the black and angry cloud
Into a different day

HST says the race goes not to the swift nor the battle to the strong
But only to those who can fake their way along
And see the time to get out of the way

Well now you know I got tropical depression
As the waves begin to pound
When you got tropical depression
Well you're nowhere to be found

I got tropical depression
As the rain runs down my back
They say it's looking like tropical depression
And I'm never going back

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