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The Vegas Strip

This song is by Firewater and appears on the album The Man on the Burning Tightrope (2003).

Oh, when the glass is half full
Oh, but the bottle's half empty
And you're stuck
You're stuck between the cup and the lid

When you're runnin' on fumes
And there's still the devil to pay

Maybe its time,
Maybe its time to take a little trip
On the strip!
On the strip!
Oh baby, you gonna flip
On the strip
The Vegas strip

You say you want a cheap libation
An all-expenses-paid-vacation
Well maybe you and I lady wanna get yourselves fixed
Oh just take a sip
Just take a little sip
You're gonna flip
Shake'a your hip baby
Oh c'mon the vegas strip!

Well it's a hard act to follow
But you can keep what you can't swallow
Our life can be so pretty
When you're filthy rich!

Thank you, Thank you very much!


Written by:

Tod Ashley

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