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Torn Down

This song is by Firebird and appears on the album Firebird (2000).

Yeah you got what you asked for,
You wanted something from me.
You took all 'til I had none,
Now there's no sympathy.

You say you want me to come back,
But there ain't nothing that I need.
There's a time and place
To step back from what used to be.

Watching you walk away from here...
I'm torn down.
I'm torn down.

Nobody gave you a licence
Don't ??? ??? round my home.
Why would I be with you
When I can be on my own?

The people you were deceiving
They saw through you in the end.
Trying hard to be polite
But it seems that I can't pretend.

Watching the empty shell that's left...
I'm torn down.
I'm torn down.

Well, yeah!
I'm torn down.
Well, yeah!
I'm torn down.


  • Composer: Bill Steer
  • Lyrics by: Bill Steer
  • Guitar/vocals/harmonica: Bill Steer
  • Bass/organ: Leo Smee
  • Drums/percussion: Ludwig Witt

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