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You Gonna Miss Me

This song is by Fiona Boyes and appears on the album Lucky 13 (2006) by Fiona Boyes and the Fortunetellers.

You gonna miss me baby, if I ever get gone
You gonna miss me, baby, you think you're so big and strong
Because I got you
Did some voodoo on you
And that's not all that I'm gonna do to you
I got a tattoo, put it right on your soul

You can sit there thinking, 'bout your long-time used-to-be
Well, try thinking, darling, how you'd make out without me?
Think again - lover and friend
Well, you're my funky, black rooster - I'm your little red hen
And you'll never find a gal as fine as me again!

You gonna miss me, baby
Best admit that it's true
You'll miss my sweet smile and every little thing I do for you
You'll miss me talking... for hours on the phone
You'll miss all that stuff of mine
That's catching dust around your home
Oh baby, if I ever get gone...
You gonna miss me baby
If I ever get gone


Written by:

Fiona Boyes

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