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Do You Feel Better?

This song is by Fiona Boyes and appears on the album Blues Woman (2008).

Do you feel better - now that you've hurt me?
Is the pain in my heart
Easing yours?
Do you feel better, now that you've hurt me
Now there's been a fuss and a fight
And you've slammed the door?

You put a stone
Right where you're heart is
And you wrote on that stone
'I know I'm right'
Well, it takes two to make a heart-break
Just like it takes two to make it right

And it's all about an eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
I'm doing my best to try and understand you
Believe me, that's the truth
But go ahead and do it, if you've got to do it
Hold on to your blues with all your might
'Cause I'm just living my life
And I'm trying to get it right...

Do you feel better - now that you've hurt me?
This is a mean old world to understand
And I believe you've been storing up your heartaches, baby
Instead of reaching out your hand
Instead to reaching out your hand...


Written by:

Fiona Boyes

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