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Big Bigger Biggest

This song is by Fiona Boyes and appears on the album Lucky 13 (2006) by Fiona Boyes and the Fortunetellers.

Big, Bigger, Biggest
You're too big for your bitches, man
You tell stories so tall, Niagra Falls look small
Big, Bigger, Biggest

Big, Bigger, Biggest
You never met the truth I figures
'Cause two plus two, equals ten to you
Big, Bigger, Biggest

It don't matter what nobody says
You can always go one better
Get the last word, make sure everybody heard
You got your act down to the letter

Well - I see you're always taking care of business
Now I see you're selling snow to the Eskimos
Big, Bigger, Biggest

Big, Bigger, Biggest
How'd you even fit in them bitches?
You and your big, big mouth
Flapping north and south
Big, Bigger, Biggest


Written by:

Fiona Boyes

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