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Don't Stop This Now (2018)

Finbar Furey - Don't Stop This Now

Don't Stop This Now

  1. Sweet Liberty of Life
  2. Don't Stop This Now
  3. Annabelle
  4. We Built a Home
  5. The Galway Shawl
  6. Sarah Waits
  7. Co-Exist
  8. The Taxi's Waiting (with Aine Furey)
  9. Hail, Rain or Snow (with Aine Furey)
  10. Michael Power
  11. Paddy Dear
  12. I Was Further Than I Thought I Was
  13. I Remember You Singing This Song Ma
  14. Lament for John

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  • b.1946
  • Instruments: Vocals, Uilleann pipe, banjo, acoustic guitar, tin whistle

Years active:

1960s - present

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