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Album by Feist.
  1. The Bad In Each Other
  2. Graveyard
  3. Caught a Long Wind
  4. How Come You Never Go There
  5. A Commotion
  6. The Circle Married the Line
  7. Bittersweet Melodies
  8. Anti-Pioneer
  9. Undiscovered First
  10. Cicadas and Gulls
  11. Comfort Me
  12. Get It Wrong Get It Right
  13. Woe Be (Bonus track)
  14. Pine Moon (Bonus track)



  • Feist - lead vocals, all guitars, organ, piano, horn arrangments and string arrangments
  • Mocky - drums, electric bass, upright bass and piano
  • Chilly Gonzalez - piano, organ, electric bass and drums
  • Brian LeBarton - organs, synthesizers, piano, electric bass and drums
  • Dean Stone - drums and all percussion
  • Colin Stetson - bass, tenor and baritone saxes, tenor and bass clarinets, French horn, flute and trumpet
  • Evan Cranley - euphonium, trombone and horn arrangments
  • The Real Vocal String Quartet - violins, viola, cello and group vocals
  • Bry Webb - backing vocals on "The Bad In Each Other"

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