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Pressure For Posture

This song is by Fatso Jetson and appears on the album Stinky Little Gods (1995).

Thistle twisted and tired inside
Burned out from trying to make up my mind
Pushing your buttons and pulling my strings
Inflating my ego and stitching your wings
And the monster keeps changing
Developing eyes
Just doesn't scare me
I'm used to the stench
I remind you of someone you laughed at before
I remind you of someone you'd like to ignore

Armchair adventures and passing through time
Changing the channels
Avoiding the slime
I'm dreading the sunrise
I'm pathetic and dry
Monster keeps changing
Developing eyes
Pressure for posture
King of the lies
Not scared of dying
But your scared of real life
Choices are praying or mowing the lawn
Dyslexic sentences sounding all wrong

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