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Mono Decay

This song is by Fatso Jetson and appears on the compilation Yawning Man / Fatso Jetson (2013) by Yawning Man and Fatso Jetson.

No, she don't care
What I'm singing or saying
It ain't about the devil
And it ain't about drugs
It ain't about giving no kisses and hugs

It ain't about giving praise to the ground
There's no woman bringing me down
Your things become a hole in the ground

No broken-hearted for me
Re-occurring nightmares future
Take a drive down for the troubadors of sin
Save your ear holes from the mono DJ

There's no song, just a buzzing in my brain
Nocturnal wires arcing while the captain tries to sleep
Not engine seizing in sequins

It's not about pussy
And it's not about the cars
This thing knows precious backstabbing blues
No pleas for mercy
And I bet you're gonna lose

No understanding
No begging for some love
Just a shovel digging in your crust
Just a shovel digging in your crust
Just a shovel digging in your crust

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