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Soldier Boy

This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Night On Bröcken (1984).

Little soldier, plastic pistol
Aiming for the head
Now you see me now you don't
You missed me, you're dead
Laughing, hiding in the bushes
Scatter for your life
Little soldier tripped and fell
Get him with your knife

Electric eye is loaded
It shows them it's okay to kill
They eventually will

Mother calls you in for lunch
Put the war on hold
Too rough to play with other kids
How many times you've been told
Laugh at pain it's silly
He'd make the soldiers bleed
Break the flesh, twist the bone
Bring them to their knees

You don't throw stick and stone
You leave the little girls alone, she said
First sight of blood at ten
Fell off the swing and cracked his head

A still and quiet conscience
Regardless of their doom
The victims play, they're on their way
Soldier Boy
No sense they have, of ills to come
Nor care beyond ills of today
They've lost their way, Soldier Boy

Playgrounds into battle fields,
Diapers into green and stripes
Mold plastic into steel, the war is real
The solders fight tonight
Little soldier falls once more
Sees red glow like the sun
Mother calls him back to
Arlington, in Washington


Written by:

Victor Arduini and John Arch

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