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Night On Bröcken

This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Night On Bröcken (1984).

April thirtieth, the souls of the risen
Are leading the way. The first of May
Black magic night, witches holiday
Their torches glow
Eternal evil, it summons
The lords of hell, just once a year
Compel and beware the spell of the jackyl
Can't break the spell
Won't break the spell
The spell of the shadowless man

The witches fornicate, the demons dance
Blackmass romance
In hellish praise
Round Bröcken they prance
Their numbers grow
A harpie chants, fire fountains glow
Virgin of snow burnt by the torch
Of the one with no shadow
I saw his face, I've seen him before
The face of the shadowless man

As dawn breaks through the trees
Lonely town falls to their knees
A solemn belfry begins to toll
The mass begins to sing familiar hymns
Man in black has his back to the crowd
Spreads his wings and turns around
As my heart begins to pound

Because you, you're the one I
Saw in flight, at Walpurgis Night
You've betrayed and cursed the light
At Walpurgis Night
You're the one I saw in flight
Walpurgis Night
At the setting of the sun


Written by:

Jim Matheos, Victor Arduini and John Arch

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