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Kiss Of Death

This song is by Fates Warning and appears on the album Night On Bröcken (1984).

High priest, the man you look for
Prays in the garden tonight
Conceived by immaculate conception
King Nazarene creator of light
Healing cripples
Gives sight to the blind
Transforms himself
He's not of our kind
I know this begot by a kiss
He knows not that he's been defied

Demon lords won't you ride with me
Mount your horse to Gethsemane

Judas Iscariot, money man and thief of Judah
Tell me haven't you dined with the man
And preached with him in Galilee
You deny being one of the twelve
Wish to trade your king for gold
Thirty silver pieces be your reward
And may your rotten conscience never grow old

I am in you, you are in I
You have defied me
I see through your eyes
Beware the kiss of death

Pharisees I fall to my knees
We must nullify the contract we have made
I have pined, defied innocent blood
And returned the silver pieces that you've paid
What's this you say, who is he to us
See to thyself you greedy man
The place of the skull
In where lies your king
We have washed our hands


Written by:

Jim Matheos and John Arch

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