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This Little Girl Of Mine

This song is by Faron Young and appears…

In a while she'll come to wake me like always
And she'll lean down sweetly press her lips on mine
And say good morning now daddy wake up it's me and it's morning
Oh how I love this little girl of mine
Then we both sit at the breakfast table and having morning coffee
She'd say momma momma put a whole lot of milk in mine
Just like my daddy's now momma do it do it just like my daddy
Oh how I love this little girl of mine
Oh but one day she's gonna grow up and be gone
And she'll have a small one of her own
But right now she's still my angel just like always
And I'm so glad it's gonna be a long long time
I'll hear good morning daddy wake up I love you and it's morning
How I love this little girl of mine
And God I thank you for this little girl of mine

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