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Two Weeks Notice

This song is by Fantasia and appears on the album Fantasia (2006).

The love that me and you shared expired
So there will be no renewing our contracts
And I ain't got nothing since I've been hired
So I can't take you back
I done gave love and ain't got no commission
So give me one reason why I should stay here
I thought compared to all the other guys you were different
But I cried the same old tears
I can't take it, I can't do it no

This is my two week notice
I resign my position cause
You ain't treating me right
I been working on the job
Just busting my ass
Pleasing you everyday and night
I get no raises or no benefits
You stay with this establishment
I'm gone, this is my two week notice

I'd be a fool if I took you back boy
Even though I love u I can't be that dumb
'Cause I can do bad all by myself
I don't need no help
Todays over and done
(Packing up my stuff turning in my key
I don't wanna be here, no more)
It's even better off if I leave you now
Maybe you would recognize the good you had
Ain't it ashame that you took advantage of me
And you should not be mad
I don't want the job no more
She can have it

Bridge: I'm locking up and I'm walking out
No more stressing out cause it over
Vamous be gone means we're finished
'Cause I did my best now it's ended
I'm locking up and I'm walking out
No more stressing out 'cause it's over
Vamous be gone, end of song
This my two week notice,
Two week notice...

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