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Take Me As I Am (1993)

Faith Hill - Take Me As I Am

Take Me As I Am

  1. Take Me As I Am
  2. Wild One
  3. Just About Now
  4. Piece of My Heart
  5. I've Got This Friend
  6. Life's Too Short to Love Like That
  7. But I Will
  8. Just Around the Eyes
  9. Go the Distance
  10. I Would Be Stronger Than That

It Matters to Me (1995)

Faith Hill - It Matters To Me

It Matters To Me

  1. Someone Else's Dream
  2. Let's Go to Vegas
  3. It Matters to Me
  4. Bed of Roses
  5. A Man's Home Is His Castle
  6. You Can't Lose Me
  7. I Can't Do That Anymore
  8. A Room in My Heart
  9. You Will Be Mine
  10. Keep Walkin' On

Faith (1998)

Faith Hill - Faith


  1. This Kiss
  2. You Give Me Love
  3. Let Me Let Go
  4. Love Ain't Like That
  5. Better Days
  6. My Wild Frontier
  7. The Secret of Life
  8. Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me (featuring Tim McGraw)
  9. Me
  10. I Love You
  11. The Hard Way
  12. Somebody Stand by Me
Bonus track on international release
  1. Love Will Always Win

Breathe (1999)

Faith Hill - Breathe


  1. What's In It For Me
  2. I Got My Baby
  3. Love Is A Sweet Thing
  4. Breathe
  5. Let's Make Love (featuring Tim McGraw)
  6. It Will Be Me
  7. The Way You Love Me
  8. If I'm Not In Love
  9. Bringing Out The Elvis
  10. If My Heart Had Wings
  11. If I Should Fall Behind
  12. That's How Love Moves
  13. There Will Come A Day

There You'll Be (2001)

Faith Hill - There You'll Be

There You'll Be

  1. There You'll Be
  2. This Kiss
  3. Breathe (Tin Tin Out Radio Mix)
  4. The Way You Love Me (Love to Infinity Edit)
  5. Let Me Let Go (Movie version)
  6. Piece of My Heart (1998 version)
  7. If My Heart Had Wings
  8. There Will Come a Day
  9. Love Will Always Win
  10. My Wild Frontier
  11. You Give Me Love
  12. Somewhere Down the Road
  13. Over the Rainbow
  14. Breathe

Cry (2002)

Faith Hill - Cry


  1. Free
  2. Cry
  3. One
  4. When The Lights Go Down
  5. Beautiful
  6. Unsaveable
  7. Baby You Belong
  8. If You're Gonna Fly Away
  9. Stronger
  10. If This Is The End
  11. This Is Me
  12. Back To You
  13. I Think I Will
  14. You're Still Here

Fireflies (2005)

Faith Hill - Fireflies


  1. Sunshine And Summertime
  2. Mississippi Girl
  3. Dearly Beloved
  4. I Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore
  5. Stealing Kisses
  6. Fireflies
  7. Like We Never Loved At All (featuring Tim McGraw)
  8. I Want You
  9. The Lucky One
  10. If You Ask
  11. We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove
  12. You Stay With Me
  13. Wish For You
  14. Paris

The Hits (2007)

Faith Hill - The Hits

The Hits

  1. Red Umbrella
  2. Stronger (live)
  3. I Need You (featuring Tim McGraw)
  4. Lost
  5. Mississippi Girl
  6. Cry
  7. There You'll Be
  8. The Way You Love Me
  9. Breathe
  10. The Secret of Life
  11. Let Me Let Go
  12. This Kiss
  13. It Matters to Me
  14. Piece of My Heart
  15. Wild One

Joy to the World (2008)

Faith Hill - Joy to the World

Joy to the World

  1. Joy To The World
  2. What Child Is This
  3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  4. Little Drummer Boy
  5. O Come All Ye Faithful
  6. Holly Jolly Christmas
  7. Away In A Manger
  8. O Holy Night
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. Silent Night
  11. A Baby Changes Everything

The Rest of Our Life (2017) (with Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - The Rest of Our Life

The Rest of Our Life

  1. The Rest of Our Life
  2. Telluride
  3. The Bed We Made
  4. Cowboy Lullaby
  5. Break First
  6. Love Me to Lie
  7. Sleeping in the Stars
  8. Damn Good at Holding On
  9. Devil Callin' Me Back
  10. Speak to a Girl
  11. Roll the Dice

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Live and Unreleased Songs

  • Love Child (performed on the "VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross - An Honors Concert For The VH1 Save The Music Foundation", April 9, 2000)

Other Songs

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  1. American Heart
  2. Because You Loved Me
  3. Before You Grow
  4. Come Home
  5. I'm Not Lisa
  6. If This End
  7. In My Arms
  8. Like We Never Loved
  9. Love Is The Foundation
  10. New York Rain
  11. The First Noel

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