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Victim (Of The System)

This song is by Eye Empire and appears on the album Moment of Impact (2010) and on the album Impact (2012).

Flip the switch stop the machine
(Shut it down now, shut it, shut it down now)
Take away the lies that feed
(Shut it down now, shut it, shut it)
You better take the reigns police yourself
(Sick of all the lies they've told us)
This is the end of what you know

Now you know
Now you know

Push it through your hollow head
Walking with the living dead
Zombies under their control
Victim of the system
Victim of the system
Let us go

Burning down the last empire
(Watching as they rise among us)
They say they'll never die
(They'll never die)
But they're gonna reap in time what their brothers sowed
(They know they're time is coming)
This is the end of what they know

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