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Tawny's Audition Monologue

This song is by Unknown Artist.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about him
I mean, I know it sounds kinda crazy
But... when we looked into each other's eyes
It was deep and powerful...
Like, like we was searchin' for stars in a black sky...
"And how he could make me laugh
Oh, (laughs) I remember this one time
He ate so many plums
His mouth turned as purple as the
Hydrangeas in Grandma's window box...
"How coud he just disappear like that
Leavin' me nothin' but a hole in my heart?
I never even got a chance...
To say goodbye! I'll always miss him
And I'll always love him
'Cause he wasn't just a turtle
He was my best friend"

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