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  Eurovision Song Contest logo.svg The Eurovision Song Contest series of compilations:
Stockholm 2000Copenhagen 2001Estonia 2002Riga 2003Istanbul 2004Kiev 2005Athens 2006Helsinki 2007Belgrade 2008Moscow 2009Oslo 2010Düsseldorf 2011Baku 2012Malmö 2013Copenhagen 2014Vienna 2015Stockholm 2016Kyiv 2017Lisbon 2018
Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Albania: World by Lindita
  2. Armenia: Fly with Me by Artsvik
  3. Australia: Don't Come Easy by Isaiah
  4. Austria: Running on Air by Nathan Trent
  5. Azerbaijan: Skeletons by Dihaj
  6. Belgium: City Lights by Blanche
  7. Bulgaria: Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov
  8. Belarus: Story of My Life by Naviband
  9. Switzerland: Apollo by Timebelle
  10. Cyprus: Gravity by Hovig
  11. Czech Republic: My Turn by Martina Bárta
  12. Germany: Perfect Life by Levina
  13. Denmark: Where I Am by Anja Nissen
  14. Spain: Do It for Your Lover by Manel Navarro
  15. Estonia: Verona by Koit Toome & Laura
  16. Finland: Blackbird by Norma John
  17. France: Requiem by Alma
  18. United Kingdom: Never Give Up on You by Lucie Jones
  19. Georgia: Keep the Faith by Tamara Gachechiladze
  20. Greece: This Is Love by Demy
  21. Croatia: My Friend by Jacques Houdek
  22. Hungary: Origo by Joci Pápai
Disc 2
  1. Ireland: Dying to Try by Brendan Murray
  2. Iceland: Paper by Svala
  3. Israel: I Feel Alive by Imri
  4. Italy: Occidentali's Karma by Francesco Gabbani
  5. Lithuania: Rain of Revolution by Fusedmarc
  6. Latvia: Line by Triana Park
  7. Moldova: Hey Mamma by Sunstroke Project
  8. FYR Maceodnia: Dance Alone by Jana Burčeska
  9. Malta: Breathlessly by Claudia Faniello
  10. Montenegro: Space by Slavko Kalezić
  11. Netherlands: Lights and Shadows by O'G3NE
  12. Norway Grab the Moment by JOWST
  13. Poland: Flashlight by Kasia Moś
  14. Portugal: Amar Pelos Dois by Salvador Sobral
  15. Romania: Yodel It! by Ilinca & Alex Florea
  16. Russia: Flame Is Burning by Yulia Saymolova
  17. San Marino: Spirit of the Night by Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson
  18. Serbia: In Too Deep by Tijana Bogićević
  19. Slovenia: On My Way by Omar Naber
  20. Sweden: I Can't Go On by Robin Bengtsson
  21. Ukraine: Time by O.Torvald

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