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  Eurovision Song Contest logo.svg The Eurovision Song Contest series of compilations:
Stockholm 2000Copenhagen 2001Estonia 2002Riga 2003Istanbul 2004Kiev 2005Athens 2006Helsinki 2007Belgrade 2008Moscow 2009Oslo 2010Düsseldorf 2011Baku 2012Malmö 2013Copenhagen 2014Vienna 2015Stockholm 2016Kyiv 2017Lisbon 2018
Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Andorra: Jugarem a estimar-nos by Marta Roure
  2. Albania: The Image Of You by Anjeza Shahini
  3. Austria: Du bist by Tie-Break
  4. Bosnia-Herzegovina: In the Disco by Deen
  5. Belgium: 1 Life by Xandee
  6. Belarus: My Galileo by Alexandra & Konstantin
  7. Switzerland: Celebrate by Piero Esteriore & The Musicstars
  8. Serbia & Montenegro:Lane moje by Željko Joksimović
  9. Cyprus: Stronger Every Minute by Lisa Andreas
  10. Germany: Can't Wait Until Tonight by Max
  11. Denmark: Shame on You by Tomas Thordarson
  12. Estonia: Tii by Neiokõsõ
  13. Spain: Para llenarme de ti by Ramón
  14. France: À chaque pas by Jonatan Cerrada
  15. Finland: Takes 2 to tango by Jari Sillanpää
  16. United Kingdom: On To Our Love by James Fox
  17. Greece: Shake It by Sakis Rouvas
  18. Croatia: You Are The Only One by Ivan Mikulić
Disc 2
  1. Ireland: If My World Stopped Turning by Chris Doran
  2. Israel: To Believe by David D'Or
  3. Iceland: Heaven by Jónsi
  4. Lithuania: What's Happened To Your Love? by Linas And Simona
  5. Latvia: Dziesma par laimi by Fomins & Kleins
  6. Monaco: Notre planète by Maryon
  7. Malta: On again... Off again by Julie & Ludwig
  8. FYR Macedonia: Life by Tose Proeski
  9. The Netherlands: Without You by Re-Union
  10. Norway: High by Knut Anders Sørum
  11. Poland: Love Song by Blue Café
  12. Portugal: Foi magia by Sofia Vitória
  13. Romania: I Admit by Sanda Ladoși
  14. Russia: Believe Me by Юлия Савичева
  15. Sweden: It Hurts by Lena Philipsson
  16. Slovenia: Stay Forever by Platin
  17. Turkey: For Real by Athena
  18. Ukraine: Wild Dances by Ruslana

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