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  Eurovision Song Contest logo.svg The Eurovision Song Contest series of compilations:
Stockholm 2000Copenhagen 2001Estonia 2002Riga 2003Istanbul 2004Kiev 2005Athens 2006Helsinki 2007Belgrade 2008Moscow 2009Oslo 2010Düsseldorf 2011Baku 2012Malmö 2013Copenhagen 2014Vienna 2015Stockholm 2016Kyiv 2017Lisbon 2018
Compilation by various artists.
  1. Cyprus: Gimme by One
  2. United Kingdom: Come Back by Jessica Garlick
  3. Austria: Say A Word by Manuel Ortega
  4. Greece: S.A.G.A.P.O. by Michalis Rakintzis
  5. Spain: Europe's Living A Celebration by Rosa López
  6. Croatia: Everything I Want by Vesna Pisarović
  7. Russia: Northern Girl by Prime Minister
  8. Estonia: Runaway by Sahlene
  9. FYR Macedonia: Od nas zavisi by Karolina
  10. Israel: Light A Candle by Sarit Hadad
  11. Switzerland: Dans le jardin de mon âme by Francine Jordi
  12. Sweden: Never Let It Go by Afro-Dite
  13. Finland: Addicted To You by Laura
  14. Denmark: Tell Me Who You Are by Malene
  15. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Fairytales About Love by Maja Tatić
  16. Belgium: Sister by Sergio & The Ladies
  17. France: Il faut du temps by Sandrine François
  18. Germany: I Can't Live Without Music by Corinna May
  19. Turkey: Leylaklar soldu kalbinde by Buket Bengisu & Grup Safir
  20. Malta: 7th Wonder by Ira Losco
  21. Romania: Tell Me Why by Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel
  22. Slovenia: Samo ljubezen by Sestre
  23. Latvia: I Wanna by Marie N
  24. Lithuania: Happy You by Aivaras

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