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  Eurovision Song Contest logo.svg The Eurovision Song Contest series of compilations:
Stockholm 2000Copenhagen 2001Estonia 2002Riga 2003Istanbul 2004Kiev 2005Athens 2006Helsinki 2007Belgrade 2008Moscow 2009Oslo 2010Düsseldorf 2011Baku 2012Malmö 2013Copenhagen 2014Vienna 2015Stockholm 2016Kyiv 2017Lisbon 2018
Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Andorra: Sense tu by Jenny
  2. Albania: Zjarr e ftohtë by Luiz Ejlli
  3. Armenia: Without Your Love by André
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Lejla by Hari Mata Hari
  5. Belgium: Je t'adore by Kate Ryan
  6. Bulgaria: Let Me Cry by Mariana Popova
  7. Belarus: Mum by Polina Smolova
  8. Switzerland: If We All Give a Little by Six4One
  9. Cyprus: Why Angels Cry by Annet Artani
  10. Germany: No No Never by Texas Lightning
  11. Denmark: Twist of Love by Sidsel Ben Semmane
  12. Estonia: Through My Window by Sandra Oxenryd
  13. Spain: Un Bloodymary by Las Ketchup
  14. Finland: Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi
  15. France: Il était temps by Virginie Pouchain
  16. United Kingdom: Teenage Life by Daz Sampson
  17. Greece: Everything by Άννα Βίσση
  18. Croatia: Moja štikla by Severina
Disc 2
  1. Ireland: Every Song Is a Cry for Love by Brian Kennedy
  2. Israel: Together We Are One by Eddie Butler
  3. Iceland: Congratulations by Silvia Night
  4. Lithuania: We Are the Winners by LT United
  5. Latvia: I Hear Your Heart by Vocal Group Cosmos
  6. Monaco: La coco-dance by Séverine Ferrer
  7. Moldova: Loca by Arsenium
  8. F. Y. R. Macedonia: Ninanajna by Elena Risteska
  9. Malta: I Do by Fabrizio Faniello
  10. Netherlands: Amambanda by Treble
  11. Norway: Alvedansen by Christine Guldbrandsen
  12. Poland: Follow My Heart by Ich Troje
  13. Portugal: Coisas de nada by Nonstop
  14. Romania: Tornero by Mihai Trăistariu
  15. Russia: Never Let You Go by Dima Bilan
  16. Sweden: Invincible by Carola
  17. Slovenia: Mr Nobody by Anžej Dežan
  18. Turkey: Süper Star by Sibel Tüzün
  19. Ukraine: Show Me Your Love by Tina Karol

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