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I Am A Bad, Bad Girl

This song is by Esther Phillips and appears on the compilation Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (2006).

I'm a bad girl
Just as bad as I can be
Yes, I'm a bad girl
Just as bad as I can be
I don't know what's the matter
Trouble always follows me

I killed myself a black cat
Just the night before
Spread the little woofie dust
All around my door
Hoping I'd chase some evil away
But when the dawn appeared
I had the devil to pay
I'm just bad girl
But Lord knows I don't mean to be

You told me lots of stories
Said that you'd be good
But I just found out Daddy that you
Wouldn't if you could
I'm tired of your jiving
Don't want you anymore
My doors wide open and it
Means you got to go
I've been bad girl
Lord knows I didn't mean to be

Listen little Esther
You made leave my home
Know that I'm no good
And everything I've done is wrong
Now you tried your best
To get rid of me
But I've got news for your baby
'Cause you'll never be free
You're just a bad girl
You're always gonna be

You were meant for me
Since it had to be
Well we'll both be just plain bad

I'm a bad girl

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