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Just Between The Two Of Us

This song is by Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn and appears on the album Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be (1965).

People think it's wonderful our love can be so true
You never say an angry word no matter what I do
And you have so much faith in me you trust me anywhere
But the reason if they only knew is that we just don't care

Just between the two of us let's give up this fantasy
For we no longer care enough to even disagree
Everybody envies us and the way we get along
But just between the two of us we know our love is gone
Wish we could go back again to days that used to be

We fought a lot but even then I knew you cared for me
Now we get along so well no teardrops ever fall
But there's no love no anything there's nothing left at all

Just between the two of us...

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