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A Dear John Letter

This song is by Ernest Tubb And Loretta Lynn and appears on the album Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be (1965).

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A Dear John Letter
Dear John oh how I hate to write
Dear John I must let you know tonight
That my love for you has died away like grass upon the lawn
And tonight I wed another dear John

I was overseas in battle when the mail called up to me
And they handed me a letter why I was happy as could be
For the fighting was all over and the battle had been won
Then I opened up the letter and that started Dear John

Dear John oh how I hate to write...

Will you please send back my picture my husband wants it now
And when I tell you who I'm marrying well you won't care dear anyhow
Now the ceremony has started and I'll wed your brother Don
Will you wish us happiness forever dear John

And tonight I wed another dear John

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