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Blond Man

This song is by Erkin Koray and appears on the album Erkin Koray Tutkusu (1977).

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
Down in a hollow
Won't you waste away
Please throw away this lonely feeling
That's only being
The shadow of your day

All of you blond men and you blond girl
Gather 'round me and whirl
All of you black men and you black girl
Gather 'round me and whirl
All of you, all of you
Gather 'round me and whirl

You'll understand if you'll be my friend
There never will end love eternally
See finally what's good 'n' what's right
With your mind open wide stay in harmony

All of you blond men...

Genius bobby and pigeon toed sue
I'm beggin' of you listen here to me
Don't be afraid, some good vibrations,
Communicatıon's what it's all about

All of you blond men...

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