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Album by Erasure.
  1. Sometimes (Erasure and Flood Mix)
  2. It Doesn't Have to Be (Pascal Gabriel Mix)
  3. Victim of Love (Little Louie Vega Mix)
  4. Leave Me to Bleed (Vince Clarke/Eric Radcliffe Mix)
  5. Hideaway (Little Louie Vega Mix)
  6. Don't Dance (Daniel Miller/Flood Mix)
  7. The Circus (Dave Powell Mix)
  8. If I Could (orchestral arrangement)
  9. Spiralling (orchestral arrangement)
  10. My Heart... So Blue (orchestral arrangement)
Bonus tracks on CD release
  1. Victim of Love (live)
  2. Spiralling (live)
  3. Sometimes (live)
  4. Oh L'amour (live)
  5. Who Needs Love Like That (live)
  6. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (live)

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