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Album by Erasure.
  1. A Little Respect
  2. Ship of Fools
  3. Phantom Bride
  4. Chains of Love
  5. Hallowed Ground
  6. Sixty-Five Thousand
  7. Heart of Stone
  8. Yahoo!
  9. Imagination
  10. Witch in the Ditch
  11. Weight of the World
Bonus tracks on CD release
  1. When I Needed You (Melancholic Mix)
  2. River Deep, Mountain High
2009 reissue Disc 2
  1. Ship of Fools (Shiver Me Timbers Mix)
  2. When I Needed You
  3. River Deep, Mountain High (7-inch version)
  4. Chains of Love (The Unfettered Mix)
  5. Don't Suppose (Country Joe Mix)
  6. The Good the Bad and the Ugly (The Dangerous Remix)
  7. A Little Respect (12-inch club mix)
  8. Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor (Mark Freegard Mix)
  9. Love Is Colder Than Death
  10. Phantom Bride (live on BBC In Concert)
  11. Heart of Stone (live on BBC In Concert)
  12. Hallowed Ground (live on BBC In Concert)
  13. Witch in the Ditch (live on BBC In Concert)

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