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The Day, the Earth

This song is by Entombed and appears on the album Same Difference (1998).

Rejected by my own kind
Don't understand the crime I've done
Should never have trusted that hatebreed
Maybe I'm better off gone
Is this a punishment for being scared
Cause that's what I've always been
And now that I stand here alone
Must be the saddest sight ever seen

My eyes work slow

It's not easy to express a feeling
When they think my heart is of stone
With one square foot and a ceiling
Even the toughest feel like a pulverised bone
Now I'm not even close to my former self
I'll be nothing if they go on like this
Hope they will be satisfied now when I'm low
Beaten down and left in my own piss

I'm sorry to say, I don't care if you pray
It can't go on like this
Just leave me alone, let me rot to my bones
My eyes work slow


Music by:

Jörgen Sandström / Ulf Cederlund

Lyrics by:

Jörgen Sandström

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