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Severe Burns

This song is by Entombed and appears on the album Clandestine (1991).

Excruciating sickness
The reprisal of your sins
You stand and weep
Incurable sides
Infecting all parts of your skin
You feeble creep

Severe burns eviscerates you from inside
Making you suffer from a bloody tide

Infertile beings
Cries out in vain
Till they're insane
As they're bleeding
It's the way it turns
You can't comprehend
Nor understand
The reason why it burns

Severe burns built upon lies of the fear
Of your own death bodily incapacity can't take away your

(Leads: Hellid, Cederlund)

Left to die with a body burnt
To god you prayed
Nothing gained
Only pain you earned

Severe burns exterminates
Causing your deprave
Undeniable prophecy only shreds remain

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