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This song is by Enter the Haggis and appears on the album The Modest Revolution (2013) and on the album Live at Saint Claire (2013).

Another day
Another cameo
Another artificial heart beats on and on
He's got a job
He's got some furniture
And he's got friends who can't tell anything is wrong

But he hates his old apartment on the Gardiner
And he swears he won't be living here that long
It's been two years since that night down by the reservoir
But he'll always have that song

He's got a car
And maps of everywhere
And he's put stars on every city name he knows
But he can't move
He can't go anywhere
'Cause he can't think of any place he wants to go

And he knows she's out there somewhere chasing hurricanes
Putting miles between them every day she's gone
It's been three years since she left him in Toledo
But he'll always have that song
And every time that it comes on he sings along

And it kills him when he hears it on the radio
But all his friends are glad he's finally moving on
It's been five years since he said her name to anyone
But he'll always have that song
And every time that it comes on
Even if he sings it wrong he sings alone

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