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Album by Eno/Cale.
  1. Lay My Love
  2. One Word
  3. In the Backroom
  4. Empty Frame
  5. Cordoba
  6. Spinning Away
  7. Footsteps
  8. Been There Done That
  9. Crime in the Desert
  10. The River
2005 US reissue bonus tracks:
  1. You Don't Miss Your Water
  2. Palanquin
2005 European reissue bonus tracks:
  1. Grandfather's House
  2. You Don't Miss Your Water
  • John Cale: vocals, keyboards, bass, viola
  • Brian Eno: vocals, keyboards, synth, guitar, bass
  • Dave Young: guitars, bass
  • Robert Ahwai: rhythm guitar
  • Daryl Johnson: bass
  • Nell Catchpole: violins
  • Ronald Jones: tabla, drums
  • Rhett Davies, Bruce Lampcov: backing vocals

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