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This song is by Eno/Cale and appears on the album Wrong Way Up (1990).

I'm a man of many colours:
Only yesterday I was blue
Ten days from now, I'll be different
And so will you
Written there in capital letters
So as not to be misunderstood
Making sure I'm clear
Telling bad from good

Two weeks ago in Tokyo
A man from Islamabad
Selling shells back to the rebels
Shells they never had

All is clear: I can see for miles and miles
I can hear your footsteps in my heart
Somebody make me an offer
I've got to get away from here

Driving hard through the snow drift
Like a moth to a naked light
To keep an appointment in Zurich
With a man who hears footsteps in the night
He's tired of what he's been doing
And what it's done to his life
Getting most of what he needed
Has left him with less than he had

All is clear: I can see for miles and miles
All I hear are your footsteps in my heart

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