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The Last Waltz (1967)

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Last Waltz

The Last Waltz

  1. The Last Waltz
  2. Dance With Me
  3. Two Different Worlds
  4. If It Comes to That
  5. Walk Hand in Hand
  6. A Place in the Sun
  7. Long Gone
  8. All This World and the Seven Seas
  9. Miss Elaine E.S. Jones
  10. Everybody Knows
  11. Nature Boy
  12. To the Ends of the Earth

Twelve Great Songs Plus "Release Me" (1967)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Twelve Great Songs Plus "Release Me"

Twelve Great Songs Plus "Release Me"

  1. Release Me
  2. Quiet Nights
  3. Yours Until Tomorrow
  4. There's A Kind Of Hush
  5. This Is My Song
  6. Misty Blue
  7. Take My Heart
  8. How Near Is Love
  9. Walk Through This World
  10. If I Were You
  11. Talking Love
  12. My World
  13. Ten Guitars

A Man Without Love (1968)

Engelbert Humperdinck - A Man Without Love

A Man Without Love

  1. A Man Without Love
  2. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  3. From Here to Eternity
  4. Spanish Eyes
  5. A Man and a Woman
  6. Quando, Quando, Quando
  7. Up, Up and Away
  8. Wonderland by Night
  9. What a Wonderful World
  10. Call on Me
  11. By the Time I Get to Phoenix
  12. Shadow of Your Smile

Engelbert Humperdinck (1969)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck

  1. I'm a Better Man
  2. Gentle on My Mind
  3. Love Letters
  4. A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet)
  5. Didn't We
  6. I Wish You Love
  7. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
  8. All You've Gotta Do Is Ask
  9. The Signs of Love
  10. Cafe
  11. Let's Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  12. Winter World of Love

Engelbert (1969)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert


  1. Love Can Fly
  2. Love Was Here Before the Stars
  3. Don't Say No (Again)
  4. Let Me Into Your Life
  5. Through the Eyes of Love
  6. Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
  7. The Way It Used to Be
  8. Marry Me
  9. To Get to You
  10. You're Easy to Love
  11. True
  12. A Good Thing Going

We Made It Happen (1970)

Engelbert Humperdinck - We Made It Happen

We Made It Happen

  1. We Made It Happen
  2. My Cherie Amour
  3. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
  4. Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Caliente el Sol)
  5. Words
  6. Something
  7. Everybody's Talkin'
  8. Love for Love (Ciao, My Love)
  9. Just Say I Love Her
  10. My Wife the Dancer
  11. Leaving on a Jet Plane

Another Time, Another Place (1971)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place

  1. Another Time, Another Place
  2. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  3. Our Love Will Rise Again
  4. Talk It over in the Morning
  5. There's an Island
  6. Revivin' Old Emotions
  7. Nashville Lady
  8. Morning
  9. Twenty Miles from Home
  10. Days of Icy Fingers
  11. I'm Holding Your Memory (But He's Holding You)

In Time (1972)

Engelbert Humperdinck - In Time

In Time

  1. Baby I'm a Want You
  2. Day After Day
  3. Too Beautiful to Last
  4. (They Long to Be) Close to You
  5. Without You
  6. Girl of Mine
  7. Time After Time
  8. In Time
  9. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
  10. Life Goes On
  11. I Never Said Goodbye

King Of Hearts (1973)

Engelbert Humperdinck - King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts

  1. My Summer Song
  2. I'm Stone In Love With You
  3. Do I Love You
  4. Somebody Waiting
  5. The Most Beautiful Girl
  6. I'm Leavin' You
  7. Eternally
  8. Only Your Love
  9. That's What It's All About
  10. Songs We Sang Together

My Love (1974)

Engelbert Humperdinck - My Love

My Love

  1. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
  2. And I Love You So
  3. Photograph
  4. Free as the Wind
  5. My Love
  6. Catch Me I'm Falling
  7. Killing Me Softly
  8. Show and Tell
  9. Thankful for You
  10. Second Tuesday in December

After the Lovin' (1976)

Engelbert Humperdinck - After the Lovin'

After the Lovin'

  1. After the Lovin'
  2. Can't Smile Without You
  3. Let's Remember the Good Times
  4. I Love Making Love to You
  5. This I Find Is Beautiful
  6. This Is What You Mean to Me
  7. World Without Music
  8. Let Me Happen to You
  9. I Can't Live a Dream
  10. The Hungry Years

Last of the Romantics (1978)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Last of the Romantics

Last of the Romantics

  1. The Last of the Romantics
  2. Just the Way You Are
  3. Love Me Tender
  4. You Light Up My Life
  5. What You See Is Who I Am
  6. Love's in Need of Love Today
  7. When I Wanted You
  8. Sweet Marjorene
  9. This Time One Year Ago
  10. Love Is All

Love Letters (1978)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Letters

Love Letters

  1. Love Letters
  2. Nature Boy
  3. Didn't We
  4. What Now, My Love?
  5. Yours Until Tomorrow
  6. I Wish You Love
  7. Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings
  8. A Man and a Woman
  9. Those Were the Days
  10. Let Me into Your Life

This Moment in Time (1979)

Engelbert Humperdinck - This Moment in Time

This Moment in Time

  1. This Moment in Time
  2. First Time in My Life
  3. You're Something Special
  4. Maybe Tomorrow
  5. Can't Help Falling in Love
  6. Lovin' You Too Long
  7. Much, Much Greater Love
  8. I Believe in You
  9. You Know Me
  10. Traveling Boy

Love's Only Love (1980)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love's Only Love

Love's Only Love

  1. Love's Only Love
  2. Best Times of My Life
  3. Just Tell Me You Love Me
  4. A Chance to Be a Hero
  5. Don't Cry Out Loud
  6. Please Understand
  7. Unforgettable
  8. Any Kind of Love at All
  9. Don't Touch That Dial
  10. If You Love Me (Really Love Me)

Don't You Love Me Anymore (1981)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Don't You Love Me Anymore

Don't You Love Me Anymore

  1. Don't You Love Me Anymore?
  2. Stay Away
  3. When the Night Ends
  4. I Don't Break Easily
  5. Say Goodnight
  6. Maybe This Time
  7. Baby Me Baby
  8. Heart Don't Fail Me Now
  9. Come Spend the Morning
  10. Till I Get It Right

A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening (1985)

Engelbert Humperdinck - A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening

A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening

  1. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
  2. Far Away Places
  3. I'll Walk Alone
  4. My Foolish Heart
  5. The Very Thought of You
  6. You Belong to My Heart
  7. Red Sails in the Sunset
  8. You'll Never Know
  9. I Wish I Knew
  10. Embraceable You
  11. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
  12. As Time Goes By
  13. Long Ago and Far Away
  14. Stardust
  15. They Say It's Wonderful
  16. Harbour Lights
  17. I'll Be Around
  18. But Beautiful
  19. Moonlight Becomes You
  20. Getting Sentimental Over You
  21. In the Still of the Night
  22. The More I See You
  23. Yours
  24. I'll Be Seeing You

Träumen Mit Engelbert (1986)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Träumen Mit Engelbert

Träumen Mit Engelbert

  1. Please Release Me (Let Me Go)
  2. Torero (She Brings Him Spanish Roses)
  3. The Power Of Love
  4. The Last Waltz
  5. The Spanish Night Is Over
  6. There Goes My Everything
  7. Portofino
  8. After the Lovin'
  9. What Are You Waiting For
  10. Follow My Heartbeat
  11. Dream of Me
  12. Goodbye Maria
  13. My Heart
  14. Love Life
  15. Then You Walked Into My Life

Remember - I Love You (1987)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Remember - I Love You

Remember - I Love You

  1. Love Is All
  2. To All the Girls I've Loved Before
  3. On the Wings of a Silverbird
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  5. Under the Man in the Moon
  6. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
  7. Señorita Bonita
  8. I Can't Stop Loving You
  9. Our Time
  10. Love Is the Reason
  11. Just for the Love of You
  12. How Do I Stop Loving You
  13. After You
  14. You Made a Believer Out of Me
  15. I Bid You Goodbye
  16. We'll Meet Again

Yours (1987)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Yours


  1. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
  2. Far Away Places
  3. I'll Walk Alone
  4. The More I See You
  5. The Very Thought of You
  6. You Belong to My Heart
  7. Red Sails in the Sunset
  8. You'll Never Know
  9. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
  10. As Time Goes By
  11. Stardust
  12. They Say It's Wonderful
  13. Harbour Lights
  14. Moonlight Becomes You
  15. In the Still Of the Night
  16. My Foolish Heart
  17. Yours
  18. I'll Be Seeing You

Love Is the Reason (1988)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Is the Reason

Love Is the Reason

  1. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  2. Love Is the Reason
  3. Someone to Love
  4. Our Time
  5. You Made a Believer Out of Me
  6. After You
  7. Here We Are
  8. You're So Beautiful
  9. I Bid You Goodbye
  10. Just for the Love of You
  11. Fashion Magazine
  12. We'll Meet Again

In Liebe (1988)

Engelbert Humperdinck - In Liebe

In Liebe

  1. Lady Lolita
  2. This Time Tomorrow
  3. Alone in the Night
  4. Love You Back to Sleep
  5. Radio Dancing
  6. Bella Italia
  7. Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi
  8. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
  9. The Second Time
  10. I Can Never Let You Go
  11. One and One Made Three
  12. Natural Love
  13. Tokyo Tears
  14. One World

Step Into My Life (1990)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Step Into My Life

Step Into My Life

  1. Red Roses for My Lady
  2. You're So Beautiful
  3. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story
  4. A Man Without Love
  5. Sentimental Lady
  6. There's Something Wrong in Paradise
  7. You Are My Love
  8. I Get Lonely
  9. Only a Lonely Child
  10. Sweet Lady Jane
  11. Star of Bethlehem
  12. I Wanna Rock You in My Wildest Dreams
  13. Step into My Life
  14. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
  15. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  16. I Gave You My Love

Zärtlichkeiten (1990)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Zärtlichkeiten


  1. I'm Gonna Dream Our Dreams for You
  2. Take Away the Sorrow
  3. Always on My Mind
  4. Sorry Seems Tt Be the Hardest Word
  5. Tell It Like It Is
  6. Our Love Is Forever
  7. You're So Beautiful
  8. Fashion Magazine
  9. Heart of Gold
  10. California Blue
  11. I Wish I Could Be There
  12. Someone to Love
  13. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart
  14. I Am in Love Again
  15. Here We Are
  16. Let's Fall in Love Again

Hello Out There (1992)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Hello Out There

Hello Out There

  1. Hell Out There
  2. We Dance The Night Away
  3. The Right Thing That We Do
  4. Only Love
  5. Release Me
  6. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
  7. Take It To Heart
  8. After the Lovin'
  9. Fiesta Europa
  10. Spread A Little Sunshine
  11. Til The Right One Comes Along
  12. The Last Waltz
  13. Reach Out
  14. Hearts In The Dark
  15. Falling In Love Again
  16. We Fell In Love

Quiereme Mucho (1993)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Quiereme Mucho

Quiereme Mucho

  1. Angeles
  2. Yours
  3. Everywhere I Go
  4. It's All Because of You
  5. Mona Lisa
  6. You'll Never Know
  7. We Live to Love
  8. Somewhere in Time
  9. I Know That We Have Loved Before
  10. How I Love You
  11. Quiereme mucho
  12. Por el amor de una mujer
  13. Porque yo te amo

Love Unchained (1995)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Unchained

Love Unchained

  1. Too Young
  2. Secret Love
  3. Unchained Melody
  4. Answer Me, My Love
  5. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
  6. No Other Love
  7. Stranger in Paradise
  8. I Apologize
  9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  10. Such a Night
  11. Love Me Tender
  12. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

Feelings (1996)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Feelings


  1. Look at Me
  2. Feelings
  3. The More I See You
  4. Spanish Eyes
  5. Woman, Woman
  6. California Blue
  7. Acapulco
  8. Blue Bayou
  9. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
  10. In the Still of the Night
  11. Put a Light in Your Window
  12. The Very Thought of You
  13. Touche d'Amour
  14. Victims of Love
  15. Harbour Lights
  16. A Night to Remember

16 Most Requested Songs (1996)

Engelbert Humperdinck - 16 Most Requested Songs

16 Most Requested Songs

  1. Release Me
  2. Still
  3. Heart Don't Fail Me Now
  4. Beautiful Baby
  5. Spanish Eyes
  6. A Man Without Love
  7. Don't You Love Me Anymore?
  8. Winter World Of Love
  9. Am I That Easy To Forget?
  10. There Goes My Everything
  11. Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
  12. Maybe This Time
  13. Yellow Moon
  14. The Last Waltz
  15. I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
  16. After the Lovin'

A Little in Love (1997)

Engelbert Humperdinck - A Little in Love

A Little in Love

  1. In Love With You
  2. Deep in My Heart
  3. Faithful Heart
  4. There She Goes
  5. A Little in Love
  6. The Little Café By the Harbour
  7. The Truth
  8. Seven Billion People
  9. Something's Breaking
  10. This Is a Night
  11. Why Don't You Go
  12. If I Could Only Be With You
  13. The Road to Nowhere

Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1998)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Live at the Royal Albert Hall

  1. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
  2. I'm So Excited
  3. Hello
  4. After the Lovin'
  5. Mona Lisa
  6. Unforgettable
  7. Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer
  8. Ramblin' Rose
  9. Too Young
  10. When I Fall in Love
  11. I Just Called to Say I Love You
  12. I'll Walk Alone
  13. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  14. Come a Little Bit Closer
  15. Release Me
  16. This Moment in Time
  17. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
  18. Am I That Easy to Forget?
  19. Quando, Quando, Quando
  20. A Man Without Love
  21. There Goes My Everything
  22. Spanish Eyes
  23. The Last Waltz
  24. Love Is All
  25. If We Only Have Love, If You Love Me, Really Love Me

It's All in the Game (2001)

Engelbert Humperdinck - It's All in the Game

It's All in the Game

  1. Dance the Night Away
  2. It's All in the Game
  3. Strangers in the Night
  4. Sometimes When We Touch
  5. Nothing in This World
  6. Dancing in the Rain
  7. Blame It on the Night
  8. Hopelessly
  9. How to Win Your Love
  10. Maybe the Feeling Will Go
  11. A Little More Time
  12. You're What Love Should Be
  13. Release Me
  14. Quando, Quando, Quando
  15. A Man Without Love
  16. Spanish Eyes
  17. After the Lovin'
  18. The Last Waltz

Definition of Love (2003)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Definition of Love

Definition of Love

  1. Definition of Love
  2. I Want to Wake Up With You
  3. How Slow We Go
  4. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
  5. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. Nothing a Little Love Won't Cure
  7. Angels
  8. Love Me
  9. Volare
  10. Brazil
  11. Penny Lane
  12. This Guy's in Love With You
  13. True Love at Last
  14. If
  15. She

20th Century Masters (2004)

Engelbert Humperdinck - 20th Century Masters

20th Century Masters

  1. Quando, Quando, Quando
  2. Am I That Easy To Forget
  3. A Man Without Love
  4. Release Me
  5. There Goes My Everything
  6. Winter World Of Love
  7. Spanish Eyes
  8. Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
  9. The Last Waltz
  10. Sometimes When We Touch
  11. There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)
  12. After the Lovin'

Greatest Love Songs (2004)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Greatest Love Songs

Greatest Love Songs

  1. Release Me
  2. My World (Il Mondo)
  3. Take My Heart
  4. The Last Waltz
  5. A Man Without Love (Quando M'Innamoro)
  6. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  7. The Way It Used To Be
  8. Winter World Of Love
  9. I Wish You Love
  10. A Time For Us (Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet)
  11. Just Say I Love Her
  12. Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Caliente El Sol)

Let There Be Love (2005)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Let There Be Love

Let There Be Love

  1. Let There Be Love
  2. Just the Two of Us
  3. It Had to Be You
  4. When You Say Nothing at All
  5. With You I'm Born Again
  6. You Inspire Me
  7. Stand By Me
  8. Three Words Ain't Enough
  9. We're All Alone
  10. There's No Good In Goodbye
  11. Dance With Me
  12. Love Songs
  13. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
  14. My Confession

The Winding Road (2007)

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Winding Road

The Winding Road

  1. Handbags and Gladrags
  2. Woman
  3. Eternally
  4. Blue Eyes
  5. Wonderful Tonight
  6. Say (That) You Love Me
  7. A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
  8. Goodbye My Lover
  9. Every Breath You Take
  10. The Living Years
  11. South of the Border
  12. Where Is Love? / The Long and Winding Road
  13. Do You Mind
  14. Whiter Shade of Pale

Love Will Set You Free (2012)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free

Love Will Set You Free

  1. Love Will Set You Free
  2. Too Beautiful to Last
  3. My Way

Engelbert Calling (2014)

Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Calling

Engelbert Calling

Disc One
  1. Something About the Way You Look Tonight (with Elton John)
  2. Since I Lost My Baby (with Cliff Richard)
  3. Never Never Never (with Olivia Newton-John)
  4. Spanish Eyes (with Il Divo)
  5. Make You Feel My Love (with Willie Nelson)
  6. I Need You Now (with Lulu)
  7. Spinning Wheel (with Gene Simmons)
  8. Real Love (with Shelby Lynne)
  9. You've Really Got a Hold on Me (with Smokey Robinson)
  10. Release Me (with Wynonna Judd)
  11. She Believes in Me (with Kenny Rogers)
Disc Two
  1. Better (with Louise Dorsey)
  2. Ain't That Peculiar (with Andrea Corr)
  3. A Certain Smile (with Johnny Mathis)
  4. Kiss Me Honey (with Tini)
  5. The Hungry Years (with Neil Sedaka)
  6. It Matters to Me (with Dionne Warwick)
  7. She (with Charles Aznavour)
  8. After the Lovin' (with Beverley Knight)
  9. It's Impossible (with Armando Manzanero)
  10. Quien te dijo eso (with Luis Fonsi)
  11. Something to Hold on To (with Ron Sexsmith)
  12. Father and Son (with Bradley Dorsey)

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Other Songs

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  1. Dommage Dommage (Too Bad Too Bad)
  2. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  3. Have I Told You Lately
  4. Holly Holy
  5. Honky Tonk World
  6. Il Mondo
  7. In The Sweet By And By
  8. You Are So Beautiful
  9. You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance
  10. Love The One You're With
  11. My Marie
  12. Moonlight Angel
  13. Pretty Ribbon
  14. Santa Lija
  15. Somebody Like You
  16. Sweetheart
  17. The Great Divide
  18. Three Little Words
  19. 'Til You And Your Lover Are Lovers Again
  20. When There's No You
  21. White Christmas
  22. Words Of Love

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