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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1 [Evil]
  1. TZDV by Faderhead
  2. I Believe In Blood by Nachtmahr
  3. Die Sexualkiste Der Hölle by (x) - Rx
  4. Relax And Ride It (Handlebar Mix By Memmaker) by Alter Der Ruine
  5. Leaving Hope by Aetherfx
  6. Blood Divine by Abandoned Toys
  7. Human Progress by Cyclone B
  8. Judgement Day by Mesmer's Eyes
  9. Tragic Hero (X-Fusion Mix) by Wynardtage
  10. Born In Sin (DJ Psycon Mix) by Virgins O.R Pigeons
  11. Back To Back (Endzeit Mix) by IC 434
  12. Last Human by Uberbyte
  13. Now You Know by Angels On Acid
  14. Virus by Alien Produkt
  15. We Are Kant Kino by Kant Kino
  16. Unsichtbar by Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket
  17. Phantom Pain by Skorbut
Disc 2 [Torture]
  1. Triggerfinger by Komor Kommando
  2. World Of Shit by SAM
  3. Pain Tutorial (Advanced Agony Mix) by Phosgore
  4. Deep Black Will (Noisuf-X Mix) by Siva Six
  5. Supernatural Ability by ReAdjust with Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket
  6. Degenerated by Deathgression
  7. Ichthyic Ascension (Acylum Mix) by PreEmptive Strike 0.1
  8. Harkers Verderben (Short Cut) by Dunkelwerk
  9. Blowback (Untermenschen) by Kobold
  10. Nothing by Fractured
  11. Wake Up by Hivepolitiks
  12. Transformation by @VX featuring
  13. Schleichfahrt by E-Thik
  14. Energy (Supreme Court Mix) by Isis Signum featuring Sara Noxx
  15. Adrenaline (XP8 Mix) by Diskonnekted
  16. When Darkness Falls by Detroit Diesel
  17. Stalingrad by Menschdefekt with Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket
Disc 3 [Damage]
  1. Voyeur by Acretongue
  2. Sweet Hard Revenge (Endzeit Mix) by Psy'Aviah featuring Leæther Strip
  3. Stalinallee (Jugendklub Mix) by Patenbrigade: Wolff
  4. Sex Mit Einer Leiche (Soman Rmx) by Industriegebiet
  5. Last Dance by Noisuf-X
  6. Hard And Dirty (SAM Mix by Modulate)
  7. Bow Job by Novastorm
  8. Schmerzpervers by Acylum
  9. Broken Heart Cliché by Unter Null
  10. Muss Es Eine Trennung Geben by Schwarzblut
  11. Zu Nah (Suicide Commando Mix) by Plastic Noise Experience
  12. Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Mix) by Angelspit
  13. Nightmare by Essence Of Mind
  14. The Darkness (Komor Kommando Mix) by Zombie Girl
  15. Fabricantes De Miedo by Punto Omega
  16. The Heart Of America (Mesmer's Eyes Mix) by FGFC820
  17. I Love My Chains (Mesmer's Eyes Mix) by Krystal System
Disc 4 [Death]
  1. Death Comes (Rotersand Mix) by Memmaker
  2. Access To The Ex.Es (Pure Adrenaline Mix) by Ex.Es
  3. Drty Fckn Dsko (Hard Version) by Shaun F
  4. Face Down by Shaolyn
  5. Attack Of The Ants by Monolith
  6. Eine Tolle Predigt by Shnarph!
  7. Mundus Vult Decipi by C-Drone-Defect
  8. Manbaby by Afterparty
  9. Vater (Aura Lussus Mixtura) by Heimatærde
  10. Tanzt Kaputt, Was Euch Kaputt Macht! (Straftanz Original) by Straftanz
  11. Fire (EFF DST Rmx) by Diffuzion
  12. Dragonfly Dream by Cylab
  13. Es Tut Mir Leid (Entschuldigung Mix By Grendel) by L'Âme Immortelle
  14. Cast Away 09 (Twenty Mix) by Leæther Strip
  15. Warped (Terror Mix) by Neikka RPM featuring Leæther Strip
  16. Annihilation (Preemptive Strike 0.1 Remix) by Retractor
  17. Government Stomp! (Overplayed Remix) by Dym

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