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I Was There

This song is by Emilio Navaira and appears on the album Life Is Good (1995).

My underdog high school football team
Finally made it to the state
They'd already won the game in a sudden death play
By the time I made it to the gate

And on the day to be my brother's best man
And stand right by his side
My old coupe de ville wasn't feelin' too well
I pulled up as the were throwin' the rice (but)

I was there when you walked by
And you looked my way
I was there saw the sparks fly
I swear I even heard the music play
I was there when the full moon
Fit the night like a glove
I was there when you fell in love

I always seem to be just a little too late
And one or two steps behind
Seems the main event always came and went
I'd just miss it in the nick of time

But for once in my life I was the man on the scene
An eye witness all the way
No one had to fill me in I didn't hear it second hand
I'm the only guy that get's to say

Lucky me I was there when we fell in love

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