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My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)

This song is by Elvis Costello and appears on the live album My Flame Burns Blue (2006).

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As the last light glimmers
And the evening hours dim
Maybe I'm too proud to utter it out loud
Even though my flame burns blue

As the night's descending
Once again I find I'll
Tarry and pretend, my confidential friend
Will suddenly appear in view

All my might
Between velvet and dynamite
Blow out the doors, let in the light
Falling dust in the beam
And a small stifled scream

Alibis and decoys
Were his eyes so turquoise?
Covered with a lash
They flatter and they flash
Even though my flame burns blue

If I seem a stranger
I feel far from danger
We tamper and we toy
With passion over joy
Even though my flame burns blue

Even though the fire that once was desire
Doesn't look for trouble or dare to flare
Look now
And I won't be there
I won't, I won't be there


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