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Album by Elvis Costello.
  1. Brilliant Mistake
  2. Lovable
  3. Our Little Angel
  4. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  5. Glitter Gulch
  6. Indoor Fireworks
  7. Little Palaces
  8. I'll Wear It Proudly
  9. American Without Tears
  10. Eisenhower Blues
  11. Poisoned Rose
  12. The Big Light
  13. Jack Of All Parades
  14. Suit Of Lights
  15. Sleep Of The Just

2005 Bonus tracks:

  1. Having It All
  2. Suffering Face
  3. Deportee
  4. Indoor Fireworks
  5. I Hope You're Happy Now
  6. Poisoned Rose
  7. I'll Wear It Proudly
  8. Jack Of All Parades
  9. The People's Limousine (as the Coward Brothers)
  10. They'll Never Take Her Love from Me (as the Coward Brothers) (cover of "They'll Never Take Her Love from Me" by Leon Payne)
  11. King of Confidence
  12. Shoes Without Heels
  13. End of the Rainbow
  14. Betrayal
    Live recordings:
  15. That's How You Got Killed Before
  16. The Big Light
  17. It Tears Me Up
  18. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (cover of "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" by Waylon Jennings)
  19. Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral And My Trial
  20. That's How You Got Killed Before (Reprise)
  21. True Love Ways


Produced by:

  • T-Bone Burnett
  • Larry Hirsch
  • Elvis Costello



  • Larry Hirsch
  • David Ahlert
  • William Berry Jackson

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