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I Can't Get Started

This song is by Elvis Costello.

I've been around the world in a plane
I've settled revolutions in Spain
But lately I'm so down hearted
'Cause I can't get started with you

When I sell kisses in a bazaar
The girls line up from near and from far
I dig the fourth dimension
But I get no attention from you

You're so supreme
Lyrics I write of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
Dream both day and night of you
Oh, what good does it do

In Cincinnati and in Rangoon
I simply smile and all the gals swoon
Their whims I more than just charted
But I can't get started with you

Oh tell me why am I no kick to you
I would always stick to you
Fly through thin and thick to you
Tell me why I'm taboo

Each time I chance to see Franklin D.
He always said "Hi buddy!" to me
With queens I've a' la cart-ed
But I can't get started with you

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