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Scorched Earth

This song is by Eluveitie and appears on the album Helvetios (2012).

nũ noxs ponc ro-duaxse (Now the night has come)
noxs uedacã atro-brogi (the last night in our homeland)
ðerã loucint' in nemisi (stars glimmer on the firmament)
niũla noxtos crouo-samali (the clouds of the night seem blood like)
roudi loucint' are tanisa belia (red they shine because of the bright fires)

nũ tegisa ne seiou' bisionti (Our homesteads are now no more)
magisa ansra nũ loscenti (our fields are now burning)
noxs nũ uer ni ateðði (the night is now on us)
baregon nouion duaxsati (a new dawn will come)

dunon eðði aidulegos (Our village is now a fireplace)
trebã ansrã nũ eðði onnas (our home is now ashes)
druco-critus me gabiti (shivering I am)
rac' senoxs auagomos (for tonight we go away)
aue, aue, inte noxtin (away, away into the night)

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