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When I Get Low I Get High

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the compilation album It's a Blue World (1991).

My fur-coat's sold (could be -coat's old)
Oh, lord ain't it cold
But I'm not gonna holler
'Cause I've still got a dollar
And when I get low
Ooh I get high

My man walked out
Now you know that ain't right
He better watch out
If I meet him tonight
I said when I get low
Ooh I get high

All the hard times in this town has found me
Nobody knows but the troubles are all around me (I'm not 100% sure of
These two lines)

I'm all alone
With no one to pet me
My old rocking chair
Ain't never gonna get me
'Cause when I get low
Ooh I get high

Wheeen Iii geeet looow
Iiiii I get hiiigh

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