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The Cricket Song

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the live album Ella at Juan-Les-Pins (1964).

Cricket s on the left Cricket on the right
Crickets just singing with me all the night
What can I do that too much competition
But I love 'em, yes I love 'em

What do I do? What do I say?
I don't care anyway
'Cause they make this a happy night for me
So sing on crickets

As long as they sing
We know it's a happy thing
'Cause when they stop
That bop is over for me
Over for me

So sing on crickets, sing for me
Come on crickets, sing with me
I don't care I'm going on vacation now
You can sing any way anyhow

Oh these Crickets, yes those Crickets
They sing an swing with me
They keep wailing
Well I wonder if they could wail a blue
I wonder if they could do what Dizzy do

I bet they could, I bet they would
Now I know they should
Well I'm making this little tune up for you
And when I'm through

Somehow the melody we got off there
Well I guess guess guess it's time for me to go now
Sing swing sing on swing on crickets
Sing with me

'Cause it's been a ball, what a ball
Singin' and keep swingin'
I was singing and swinging with crickets
All night long

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